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Steamtronic is a VIP gaming home computer, created in a single copy for the client's private collection. 

The project is assembled manually with use of modern high-precision machinery and premium materials. All engineering solutions, project design, methods of manufacturing parts and components used in the creation of the case, as well as the design and assembly — are exclusive.
Every element of the design – be it a screw with gears or the material of the case and the choice of font for inscriptions – were carefully worked out and approved in coordination with the client throughout the entire cycle of project creation.


The Steamtronic case and the system of arrangement of computer components in it, as well as the cooling system, is a customized solution, which is developed by several engineers and has no analogues for the mass market.
The overall style of the project is the mere wish of the client, who turned to the workshop after many years of searching for the special computer that would completely match his home interior.


As to the name, Steamtronic is an acronym for the combination of two styles. Modern reality, saturated with electronics and digital technology, and Steampunk style - the universe of steam engines and fantastic mechanisms of the XIX century, the Victorian era.
The materials used in the design of the case and its structural part correspond to the chosen style and fully meet all the criteria from an engineering point of view. Copper, brass, Edison lamp, brass gears, clock on gas-discharge indicators, retro radio – are the marking attributes of the steampunk universe, whereby plastic, textolite, Soviet indicators of current voltage and computer components themselves are attributes of the contemporal reality.
The walls of the case, exclusively for the project, are made of the highest grade textolite. To create a vintage effect, they underwent a long and complex process of manufacturing and modernization in a specialized production facility. After hand sanding with special glasses, they were coated with a semi-matte varnish. The solution is developed in the workshop with the sole purpose of creating a certain retro-futuristic effect.


The front side of the case contains computer controls. At the bottom – right in the middle - is the power button, on the left - the mechanism for controlling the brightness of the Edison lamp, and on the right is the button for restarting the computer. The central circle is made of several layers of decorative brushed brass and dust brass mesh, behind which there is a fan which brings cool air inside the case.


The lateral left side is a composite of indicators and gauges. In the center there is a mechanism of rotating brass gears, which comes into action at the moment of turning on the computer. Simultaneously with the beginning of the rotation of the gears analog arrow Soviet gauges indicate the current voltage of the processor and video card, when the computer is turned on. To the left of the gears there is a glass tube with crude oil, indicating that the project belongs to this particular sector of industry. Behind the tube are three circular instruments showing: room temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. On the right side of the gears is a radio with the following controls: volume, search for a broadcasting station and frequency change. Radio speaker is above. The whole composition is crowned by a clock on gas-discharge indicators showing hours and minutes, with the possibility of changing the type of indication to year and month.


The right side is decorated with brass corner fittings with varnish coated copper tubes inserted into them, the central part consists of three sections with fans behind them to cool the RTX 4090 graphics card. Above is a stand with a row of figures in the form of tips used for drilling wells for oil extraction. Mechanisms of brass gears are placed along the sides. The brightness of the illumination of the gears on both sides of the case is controlled remotely by a touchscreen control panel.


The top cover reserves places of hot air discharge from the system, stylistically made in the form of industrial oil storage tanks and a beacon of night orientation for a passing aircraft.


Technical connectors for connecting any computer peripherals are on the back side together with a special toggle switch that allows you to manually disconnect the power of the rotating gears at any time.










Steamtronic – as well as other VIP projects of Yolenzo workshop – is a pure hecho a mano, handcraft which excludes any conveyor production or re-production to third parties. We respect and highly appreciate the trust and patience of the people who contact our Yolenzo workshop. Together we share the longing for realization of the unique projects, no matter how complex they may seem. Therefore, these projects exclude repeating, copying or using off-the-shelf solutions.


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